Rewards FAQ

Applegreen Rewards Frequently Asked Questions

How do the changes to the Applegreen Rewards Programme affect me?

The main change is that we are moving away from allocating points on purchases in Applegreen stores. We will reward you with free or discounted products in-store.

Will I be told when the new changes to the Rewards Programme are happening?

The new Rewards Programme will be launching early in 2020. The Rewards Team will communicate details about changes to the Rewards Programme via: Email/SMS communications, social posts, digital content on Bakewell/Digital Screens and signage in-store plus updated content on the Rewards Page of the website at

When was the last day to earn Points on my purchases in Applegreen stores?

Sunday 22nd September 2019.

When is the last day to spend my Points?

We have extended the last day to spend your Points to Friday 13th December 2019. If you need assistance on how to do this; please contact the Rewards Helpdesk on

What happens if I do not spend all my Points by the 13th December?

We will convert these into instant in-store rewards. You will receive communication from the Rewards Team in the New Year containing ‘free’ product vouchers to redeem in-store at the till.

I have been collecting Points but have not registered my Rewards Card, are my Points lost?

The last day to register your Rewards Card was Sunday 22nd September to be able to spend these. Our Rewards Programme is changing. We are moving away from earning Points on purchases to instant in-store rewards. Look out for our new mobile App coming in early 2020.

How will I know what instant in-store rewards I am eligible to receive?

Customers who have unspent points will receive communication from the Rewards Team with details of the rewards they are eligible to pick-up in-store. Keep your Rewards Card safe as you will need it to claim your rewards at the till.

How will I find out when the new Rewards Programme is launching?

Our new Rewards Programme is coming in early 2020 with the launch of our mobile App. Look out for communication from the Rewards Team plus signage and digital content in-store. Updated information will also be displayed on the Rewards Page of our website at