Our focus for 2018/19 — Supporting Ireland's Children

You Buy, We Give. Every time you make a shop and fuel or a shop-only purchase, in Applegreen in Northern Ireland, we donate 1p to the Applegreen Charitable Fund on your behalf.

The Charitable Fund lies close to the hearts of all of us who work in Applegreen NI and the fund is further boosted by ongoing fund-raising activities and events organised by Applegreen staff. Applegreen UK are looking to give back to local communities where our stores are located, by supporting and sponsoring local community groups.

UK contact: ukmarketingrequests@applegreen.ie
NI contact: charity@applegreen.ie

Friends of the Cancer Centre

Friends of the Cancer Centre is delighted to partner with Applegreen in 2018/19 and the support of staff and customers will make a real and meaningful difference to many families affected by cancer in Northern Ireland.

No young person or family should ever have to face cancer, but we are committed to ensuring that these young people have access to the expert and age-appropriate care they need, when they need it. Working together, we will provide vital support to teenagers and young adults with cancer, helping us fund vital hours of specialist nursing care and much more.

– Colleen Shaw, Chief Executive

Sponsored by Applegreen

To date Applegreen UK have supported and sponsored several community groups ranging from local children’s football teams, through to activity day camps for children with learning disabilities. The aim is to encourage community spirit within our Applegreen stores and the surrounding areas. For more details on our sponsorship opportunities email UKmarketingrequests@applegreenstores.co.uk