At Applegreen we really are committed to giving you the very best at the very best price… always.

Our Food

Applegreen now offers a variety of quality food and coffee to cater for your every taste while on the road. Whether you are craving a hot meal, coffee or a refreshing salad, we have a wide range of offers to cater for your every taste.

About Applegreen

Applegreen is a 100% owned subsidiary of Applegreen plc, a publically quoted company listed on the Irish and UK stock markets. Applegreen now offers retail concession stores at its US service stations on Long Island featuring a quality selection of food and beverage items, automotive accessories and supplies.

We've been growing

We have been growing our sites and spreading our warm Irish welcome across the North East and South East of the United States. We always strive to look after the needs of our customers, long distance travellers, tourists, and locals alike. It’s in our nature to make a positive contribution to the communities we serve.

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North East, South East and New Business.


The Group has 472 sites as at 31 December 2018, across the Republic of Ireland (193 sites), United Kingdom (158 sites) and United States (121 sites) employing circa 10,700 people.